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Borison, B.K.

Lovelight Farms

Romance, Humor

In the first book of the Lovelight series, two best friends pretend to date to save a struggling Christmas tree farm. Stella Bloom, eager to rescue Lovelight Farms from its problems like a raccoon takeover and missing shipments, partners with a famous influencer in a contest. The prize of $100,000 could save the farm, but Stella fibs about having a boyfriend to co-own the farm. Her best friend, Luka Peters, steps in to play the role, finding that this pretend relationship might be the highlight of his Christmas.

Lovelight Farms

My Rating 📖📖📖📖📖/5📖

First Release Novermber 10, 2021

"Lovelight Farms" captivates with its charming setting and delightful plot. The novel skillfully blends humor, romance, and a touch of holiday magic, making it a perfect read for those who love feel-good stories.

💖 Characters and Relationships

The chemistry between Stella and Luka is heartwarming and genuine. Their transition from friends to lovers is handled with a perfect mix of sweetness and realism. Both characters are well-developed, and their individual journeys are as engaging as their romantic storyline.

🌲 Setting and Atmosphere

The Christmas tree farm setting is enchanting, offering a picturesque backdrop that adds to the story's whimsy. The author's vivid descriptions of the farm, with its challenges and rustic charm, make it a character in its own right.

✍️ Writing Style and Pacing

The writing is fluid and easy to follow, with a good balance of dialogue and description. The pacing is just right, keeping the reader engaged without rushing through the plot's crucial moments.

😂 Humor and Heart

One of the highlights of "Lovelight Farms" is its humor. The scenarios Stella and Luka find themselves in are both amusing and relatable, adding a layer of light-heartedness to the story. The novel also has its share of heartfelt moments, which are well-integrated and never feel forced.

📖 Memorable Quotes

  • “I’m going to love her in all the quiet ways, the slow ways, the loud and obnoxious ways.”

  • “Let it be known that telling a woman to relax has never once resulted in said relaxation.”

  • “If kissing him in the snow was magic then this is—this is sugarplum fairies and toffee brittle crunch on top of dark chocolate cupcakes.”

🎄 Perfect for the Holidays

This book is an ideal holiday read. It captures the essence of the season – hope, love, and the joy of being with those you care about. It's a story that warms the heart and leaves the reader with a sense of contentment.

📚 Conclusion

"Lovelight Farms" is a delightful romantic comedy that's perfect for anyone looking to lose themselves in a sweet, festive story. With lovable characters, a charming setting, and a well-crafted plot, it's a book that's sure to bring a smile to your face.

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