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Herman, Steve

Teach Your Dragon Body Safety

This book teaches children about body safety and personal boundaries through the adventures of a boy and his dragon companion. It uses simple language, colorful illustrations, and engaging activities. Suitable for ages 4 to 8, part of the My Dragon Books series.

Teach Your Dragon Body Safety

💡 A Must-Have Resource for Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers!

"Teach Your Dragon Body Safety" is a gem for anyone seeking to educate children about body safety and personal boundaries while keeping them engaged and entertained. Follow the thrilling adventures of a young boy and his pet dragon, Diggory Doo, as they embark on a journey of understanding appropriate and inappropriate touch, learning to say no to unwanted contact, navigating different touch-related situations, and identifying trusted individuals to confide in when feeling unsafe or uncomfortable.

💡 Simple Language, Vibrant Illustrations - A Perfect Blend!

Written from a child's perspective, this book utilizes simple language and captivating illustrations that instantly captivate young readers' attention and spark their imagination. Each chapter concludes with thought-provoking questions and engaging activities that reinforce the concepts and empower children to apply them in their daily lives.

👶 Suitable for 4 to 8-Year-Olds (and Dragon Enthusiasts of All Ages)!

While the book's target audience is children aged 4 to 8, its valuable lessons can be enjoyed by older children and even adults who have an affinity for dragons.

🐉 My Dragon Books Series - Unleashing Dragons to Teach Life Skills!

Part of the expansive My Dragon Books series by Steve Herman, this book is just one of over 60 titles that ingeniously employ dragon-themed stories to teach children an array of essential life skills and values. From personal safety to empathy and beyond, this captivating series has it all.

📚 Available in Multiple Formats - Your Choice, Your Convenience!

You can dive into the world of My Dragon Books by choosing from an array of formats, including paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and audiobook, all readily available on

💪 Empowering, Entertaining, and Heartwarming - A Must-Read!

I wholeheartedly recommend "Teach Your Dragon Body Safety" to anyone eager to empower children with knowledge of body safety and personal boundaries in a positive and uplifting manner. Not only does it educate, but it also entertains and warms the heart. It conveys the vital message that children have the right to safeguard their bodies and privacy while assuring them that help and support are always within reach. Moreover, it beautifully portrays dragons as loyal, friendly, and helpful companions, imparting invaluable life lessons along the way.


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