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Muhammad, Ibtihaj

The Proudest Blue

"The Proudest Blue" celebrates Muslim girls' strength through hijab and family support. Empowering and educational with vibrant illustrations.

The Proudest Blue

🌈 Celebrating Diversity and Strength of Muslim Girls and Women

"The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family" is a beautifully inspiring book co-authored by Ibtihaj Muhammad, an Olympic medalist and social justice activist, and S.K. Ali, a Muslim author and teacher, with captivating illustrations by the talented artist and graphic novelist, Hatem Aly.

🧕🏽 Asiya's Journey: Embracing Hijab with Courage

The story revolves around Asiya, a brave sixth-grade girl, as she embarks on a momentous day, wearing her hijab to school for the very first time. Encouragingly, she receives unwavering support from her younger sister, Faizah, who deeply admires her. The book gracefully showcases the challenges and joys faced by those who wear the hijab in a society that may not always comprehend or respect its significance. Family, faith, and identity play pivotal roles throughout the tale.

💙 Faizah's Perspective: Hijab as the "Proudest Blue"

Narrated from Faizah's perspective, we witness the profound admiration she holds for Asiya's hijab, comparing it to the vastness of the ocean and the sky, and endearingly calling it the "proudest blue." The story beautifully incorporates the wisdom imparted by their mother, advising them to disregard hurtful words from others and instead focus on what truly matters to them. This touching bond between sisters serves as a heartwarming center of the narrative.

🌍 A Positive and Powerful Representation of Muslim Girls and Women

The Proudest Blue serves as a powerful representation of Muslim girls and women, breaking away from stereotypes and marginalization present in mainstream media and literature. It also acts as an educational resource, enlightening readers about the meaning and significance of hijab in Islam and the diversity of Muslim cultures and practices.

👧🏻 Suitable for All Ages

Targeted primarily at children aged 4 to 8, this book can be equally enjoyed by older readers eager to learn more about Muslim culture and religion. The Proudest Blue introduces the topic of hijab gracefully and promotes empathy, tolerance, and respect for different beliefs and backgrounds. The book empowers young readers, instilling a sense of pride in their identity and beliefs.

🎨 Vibrant Illustrations that Breathe Life into the Story

Hatem Aly's stunning illustrations brilliantly complement the narrative, engaging the reader's imagination and emotions. The vibrant and expressive artwork beautifully contrasts the bright colors of Asiya's hijab with the more subdued tones of the school environment, emphasizing her uniqueness and confidence. The illustrations flawlessly capture the characters' emotions, particularly Faizah's deep admiration and love for her sister.

🌸 A Delightful and Educational Journey of Family, Friendship, Faith, and Identity

In conclusion, "The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family" is a delightful and educational journey that will resonate with readers who cherish stories centered around family, friendship, faith, and identity. This enchanting book will surely inspire curiosity, wonder, and creativity, leaving a lasting impact on its readers.

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