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Current Projects

I am currently managing multiple responsibilities, including my studies and a retail job, all while pursuing my passion for writing. With a diverse range of interests, I have found myself captivated by the limitless possibilities offered by the world of AI. Alongside my other commitments, I am actively involved with a start-up called, where my responsibilities involve crafting content for social media platforms and producing articles for Medium.


In addition to these endeavours, I recently took the initiative to self-publish two poetry books on Amazon. Encouraged by this achievement, I am now eagerly dedicating my time and efforts to the creation of my next literary work.


 Writing   Fundraising    Creative Initiatives   Team Work   Organised  

 Meta Business Suit   Content Planning  Social Media   Affiliate Marketing 

 Flexible   Adaptable   Customer Service   Creative Writing   Google Drive 

Work Experience


Shop Assistant, Merlin Library

The shop assistant job challenged me with new responsibilities, which includes processing transactions, working with and updating the stock, maintaining the store and locating the needed items in a fast manner, and taking care of the customers, including customer complains, both physically and on through the phone, assisting with opening and closing the store along with making ‘end of day’.


Fundraiser, WWF Poland

Working as a fundraiser is an extremely rewarding experience. You get to help people in need and make a difference. You also get to meet new people and learn about their stories. It can be a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun.


Waitress, Hotel Impresja

Working in a hotel restaurant provided me with an opportunity to work in a team. I was responsible for taking care of the customers, setting up and closing the restaurant, helping out in the kitchen when needed,  keeping the dining area clean and organised, as well as train new waiters.



University of Malta

Bachelor of Arts in Criminology

Extra Activities

Fridays For Future, Gdańsk, Poland

Volunteering as a public events organizer for an NGO is a highly fulfilling experience. This role taught me valuable skills in promoting the organization's cause and raising awareness for the issues we work to address. Juggling this demanding and challenging position with my work and school life also improved my organizational and efficiency skills. Additionally, I gained invaluable experience collaborating with a diverse group of individuals within an international organization.

Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Gdańsk, Poland

Working with a renowned Polish organization was an enriching experience where I contributed to raising awareness about various medical conditions in children. As part of my role, I successfully managed diverse individuals with varying perspectives, including both supporters and detractors of the organization, honing my skills to handle high-pressure situations effectively.

Krytyka Polityczna (Political Criticism), Gdańsk, Poland

I have actively volunteered in public events, including as a participant and organizer for 'walks for climate change' as part of the Fridays For Future movement. These educational events aimed to raise awareness about the impact of the city on climate change and promote efforts to lower the temperature in Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia. I also recorded mathematics lectures organized by the local newspaper.


By completing courses in psychology, criminology, human rights, and biology, I gained extensive knowledge in the social sciences. These disciplines not only improved my critical thinking and research skills but also enhanced my understanding of complex human behaviors. With this diverse educational background, I am equipped to apply my skills and knowledge to a wide range of real-world situations and effectively address various issues in the field.

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