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Simone, Sierra

American Queen

Greer Galloway, resolved to avoid romance, is pursued by Ash Colchester, the President who still cherishes their past. Ash's strategy to win her over involves his best friend Embry, creating a tangled relationship filled with secrets and longing. As they navigate their complex connection against a backdrop of political turmoil, they explore the possibility of an unconventional happily ever after.

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President, MMF

American Queen


"American Queen" is the first book in Sierra Simone's New Camelot trilogy, a daring and erotic romance that reimagines the Arthurian legends in a contemporary American political backdrop. The novel introduces us to Greer Galloway, a woman with deep connections to the political world, and her complex relationships with President Maxen Ashley Colchester, known as Ash, and his Vice President, Embry Moore. Simone crafts a tale of passion, power, and forbidden desires that pushes the boundaries of traditional romance.

🔥 Intense Eroticism

Sierra Simone is known for her ability to write steamy scenes, and "American Queen" is no exception. The novel is filled with intense eroticism and explores themes of BDSM and polyamory with a raw and unapologetic honesty.

🎭 Complex Characters

The characters in "American Queen" are deeply complex and flawed, making their story compelling. Greer, Ash, and Embry each bring their own baggage and vulnerabilities to their relationship, making their dynamic fascinating and unpredictable.

🇺🇸 Unique Setting and Theme

Setting the story against a political backdrop with references to Arthurian legend gives the novel an original twist. The blend of power, politics, and romance offers readers a captivating escape with layers of intrigue and drama.

🍎 Forbidden Desires

One of the central themes of "American Queen" is the exploration of forbidden desires. The characters navigate their unconventional relationship amidst societal and personal expectations, challenging the norms and embracing their passions.

💪 Power Dynamics

The novel delves into the complex dynamics of power both in the bedroom and in the political arena. The interplay between dominance and submission in Greer, Ash, and Embry's relationship mirrors the power struggles in their public lives.

❤️‍🔥 Sacrifice and Loyalty

At its heart, "American Queen" is also a story about sacrifice and loyalty. The characters must decide what they are willing to give up for love and power, and how those choices affect their loyalty to each other and their ideals.

📚 Conclusion

"American Queen" by Sierra Simone is a bold and provocative romance that blends eroticism with a unique political and mythological narrative. Its exploration of complex relationships, coupled with a compelling plot, makes it a standout read for fans of the genre.

💖 Recommendation

This novel is highly recommended for readers who love steamy, boundary-pushing romances with a strong narrative foundation. Fans of contemporary romance looking for something with depth, complexity, and a touch of the forbidden will find "American Queen" to be an irresistible read.


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