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Carlton, H.D.

Haunting Adeline

The novel centers on Adeline, targeted by a man's unsettling obsession. In a suspense-filled setting, it delves into the perilous impact of distorted desire and Adeline's struggle for independence and survival. Carlton blends psychological thriller and romance, crafting a haunting story that explores the depths of its characters' psyches, offering a gripping and eerie reading experience.

You can expect

Graphic Violence

Haunting Adeline


⚠️ Content Warning

"Haunting Adeline" delves into the darker realms of romance, incorporating elements of graphic violence, dubious consent, and explicit content. It tackles heavy themes like child trafficking and human sacrifice. Readers should be aware that this story is intense and contains material that may be triggering for some.

🖤 Dark Romance & Intense Themes

At its core, "Haunting Adeline" is a dark romance that does not shy away from exploring the depths of human depravity and the complexities of a relationship entwined with power dynamics and control. The narrative's intensity is heightened by the inclusion of sensitive subject matter, making it a potent, if challenging, read.

✍️ Writing Style & Engagement

H.D. Carlton's narrative prowess is evident in the way the story grips the reader with a relentless pace, weaving suspense and horror with moments of tender complexity. The author's ability to portray deeply flawed characters and morally ambiguous situations is noteworthy, adding layers of depth to the dark romance genre.

🧠 Psychological Exploration

The psychological underpinnings of "Haunting Adeline" are both its strength and a source of potential discomfort for readers. Carlton's exploration into the darker aspects of human psychology and the effects of trauma is comprehensive, offering no respite from the intensity of the themes discussed.

💔 Complex Relationships

The relationship dynamics in "Haunting Adeline" ditional romantic ideals. This complexity serves as a double-edged sword, presenting a narrative that is as captivating as it is controversial.

🌟 Overall Reflection

"Haunting Adeline" is a compelling yet challenging read, marked by its unflinching approach to dark themes and complex character dynamics. It is a testament to H.D. Carlton's skill in crafting a narrative that pushes boundaries and provokes thought. However, it's imperative that potential readers consider their sensitivities to the topics covered within its pages. The story, while engaging, is not for everyone and serves as a reminder of the diverse tastes and tolerance levels among readers of dark romance.


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