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McIntire, Emily


James plans to use his enemy's daughter, Wendy, for revenge, but his scheme complicates as he starts seeing her beyond a pawn. Meanwhile, Wendy, drawn to James's dark allure, struggles to discern her feelings between the man and the monster he's rumored to be, as their dangerous affair deepens amidst betrayal and secrets.

You can expect




"Hooked" by Emily McIntire is a dark romance novel that reinvents the classic tale of Peter Pan with a gritty, contemporary twist. Situated within the Never After Series, this book delves into themes of redemption, twisted love, and the haunting shadows of the past, offering readers a journey through the darker side of desire and the complexity of human nature.

🖤 Writing Style & Emotional Intensity

McIntire's writing is immersive and intense, creating a vivid world where the lines between right and wrong blur, and passion dances dangerously close to obsession. The characters, particularly James Hook and Wendy Darling, are intricately developed, showcasing the depth of their flaws, desires, and struggles. The narrative is rich with emotional intensity, pulling readers into a whirlpool of feelings that range from heartache to fervent love.

💔 Dark Romance & Complex Relationships

At the heart of "Hooked" is a romance that defies simple categorization. It's dark, consuming, and complex, marked by power struggles and a profound connection that challenges both James and Wendy to confront their demons. McIntire navigates their tumultuous relationship with a masterful touch, exploring the beauty and pain of love in its most raw form.

🌌 Themes of Darkness & Redemption

The novel explores the darker aspects of human emotions and relationships, including themes of abuse, redemption, and the quest for self-identity. "Hooked" does not shy away from the shadows but instead ventures deep into the psychological underpinnings of its characters, offering a compelling look at the possibility of redemption and the power of love to heal even the deepest wounds.

⚠️ Content Warning & Audience

"Hooked" is explicitly designed for mature audiences, featuring dark themes, explicit content, and scenes that may be triggering for some readers. The narrative addresses sensitive issues with depth and empathy, but its intensity and thematic darkness make it more suitable for those who are comfortable exploring the more somber and complex aspects of romantic fiction.

📖 Final Verdict

"Hooked" by Emily McIntire is a standout dark romance novel that captivates with its depth, intensity, and emotional complexity. It offers a unique and thought-provoking take on themes of love, redemption, and the scars of the past, making it a compelling read for fans of the genre seeking stories that go beyond the surface to explore the depths of the human heart. For those drawn to tales that intertwine darkness with desire, "Hooked" promises an unforgettable journey.


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