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Ross, Rebecca

Divine Rivals

In a world where ancient gods are at war again, eighteen-year-old Iris Winnow strives to keep her family intact amidst her mother's addiction and her brother's absence from the front lines. Her goal is to secure a promotion at the Oath Gazette. To cope, she writes letters to her brother, hiding them under her wardrobe, where they mysteriously reach Roman Kitt, her aloof but attractive rival at the newspaper. Their anonymous correspondence leads to a deep connection, accompanying Iris to the battle's forefront, where she fights for her brother, humanity's destiny, and love.

Divine Rivals

My Rating 📖📖📖📖📖/5📖

"Divine Rivals" is a captivating blend of fantasy and romance set against a backdrop of warring gods and personal turmoil. The story centers on Iris Winnow, an eighteen-year-old grappling with family issues and her rivalry with Roman Kitt at the Oath Gazette.

🖋️ Writing Style and World-Building

Rebecca Ross's writing style in "Divine Rivals" is commended for its intentional narrative weaving. The world-building, especially the incorporation of gods and mythology, is skillfully done without overwhelming readers, and the gradual revelation of these elements parallels the characters' discoveries.

✨ Enchanted Typewriters and Romance

The novel features enchanted typewriters, which play a pivotal role in developing the relationship between Iris and Roman. This aspect is particularly appreciated for adding depth to their connection in the midst of war.

🌐 Setting and Themes

Set in an era reminiscent of the 1940s with a war backdrop, the novel integrates fantasy elements like battling gods. Themes of grief, vulnerability, and the power of words are explored throughout the narrative.

💬 Memorable Quotes

  • "Even in the silence, I hope you will find the words you need to share."

  • “I don’t want to wake up when I’m seventy-four only to realize I haven’t lived.”

  • “But I think there is a magical link between you and me. A bond that not even distance can break.”

🌟 Conclusion

"Divine Rivals" is praised for its unique blend of young adult fantasy and romance. The story effectively melds elements of mythology, family, community, and war, making it a recommended read for those who enjoy these genres. The anticipation for its sequel, "Ruthless Vows," is high, promising further exploration of this intriguing world.

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