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10 New Releases in July 2023 of Young Adult Fiction

Welcome, bookworms, to an exhilarating summer of reading! As we embark on July 2023, the world of young adult fiction is brimming with anticipation, promising an array of captivating stories to indulge in. From dystopian sagas to heartwarming coming-of-age tales, this month's lineup of ten new releases is sure to satiate your literary cravings.

Join us as we delve into the pages of these must-read young adult novels, offering fresh perspectives, diverse voices, and unforgettable characters. From thrilling plot twists to evocative prose, these books are destined to become the talk of the literary community, leaving readers mesmerized and hungry for more.

So, prepare your reading nook, settle in, and let's explore the enchanting world of July's young adult fiction releases together. Get ready to uncover a summer reading list you won't want to miss!

Coming July 11, 2023

Give Me a Sign by Anna Sortino

Lilah finds herself caught in between. With a hearing loss that doesn't make her feel "deaf enough" to identify as Deaf or hearing enough to meet societal expectations, she often grapples with her place in the world. However, this summer marks a turning point for Lilah as she sets out on a transformative journey.

Taking on a role as a counselor at a summer camp catering to the deaf and blind, Lilah's initial goal is to improve her American Sign Language (ASL) skills. Little does she know that she will discover more than just a language. Within the camp's vibrant community, she encounters charming British lifeguards who captivate hearts without breaking rules, a YouTube personality yearning for recognition, and the campers who depend on her care (often overwhelming her). And then there's Isaac—the captivating Deaf counselor who offers to assist Lilah with her signing.

Coming July 11, 2023

I'd Rather Burn Than Bloom by Shannon C. F. Rogers

Marisol Martin, embarks on a soul-searching journey after the sudden loss of her mother. Set against the backdrop of Marisol's Filipina-American heritage, this gripping narrative delves into themes of identity, grief, and self-discovery.

Unlike girls who view their mothers as their best friends, Marisol's relationship with her mom was filled with constant arguments and an unbridgeable divide. From clothes and church to boys, their disagreements seemed insurmountable, leaving Marisol yearning for a deeper connection. However, when her mother passes away unexpectedly, Marisol finds herself grappling with a whirlwind of unsaid words and regrets. Left with a bewildered father and a withdrawn brother, Marisol's attempts to reconnect with her mother's memory through her Filipino culture are met with confusion and resistance.

Surrounded by a burning rage and a sense of isolation, Marisol is determined to hold onto her anger, seeing it as a justified response to the overwhelming challenges in her life. However, as an unexpected friendship begins to blossom with someone who understands her turmoil, Marisol reluctantly starts to peel back the layers of her emotions, realizing there may be more to her identity than just anger.

Coming July 18, 2023

Under This Forgetful Sky by Lauren Yerd

Meet Rumi Sabzwari, a sixteen-year-old confined within the walls of St. Iago, shielded from the world's environmental destruction. When rebels infect his father with a deadly virus, Rumi escapes, driven by the need to find a cure.

In the ruined city of Paraíso, Rumi encounters Paz, a tough fifteen-year-old who agrees to guide him. As they journey together, a deep connection grows between them. However, Paz conceals crucial information about Rumi's father's illness and harbors her own agenda. With opposing forces threatening their cities, can they trust each other enough to imagine a better world?

Embark on a thrilling adventure of love and trust as Rumi and Paz navigate a ravaged world. Will their bond endure amidst powerful forces working against them? Find out in this captivating young adult tale of survival, secrets, and the power of hope.

Coming July 18, 2023

All That’s Left to Say by Emery Lord

On prom night, Hannah MacLaren finds herself in a predicament. Dressed in her finest attire, soaked from head to toe, she faces severe consequences for pulling the fire alarm just as the prom was about to commence. However, Hannah's actions are driven by a deep-rooted purpose.

A year ago, Hannah tragically lost her cousin and best friend, Sophie, to an overdose. Overwhelmed by grief, Hannah becomes fixated on one question: Who supplied Sophie with the fatal pills? Determined to bring closure to her family, she devises a plan. Enrolling in Sophie's prestigious school under false pretenses, Hannah intends to uncover the truth.

Yet, the lines blur unexpectedly. Sophie's friends prove to be complex, and Hannah finds herself drawn to a long-standing enemy. Now, she faces a pivotal choice: to mourn and move on, or pursue the truth at any cost, even if it means her own destruction.

Coming July 18, 2023

What a Desi Girl Wants by Sabina Khan

Acclaimed author Sabina Khan weaves a compelling tale in her latest young adult novel, blending romance and nuanced family dynamics. In this captivating story, Mehar, estranged from her father, reluctantly returns to India for his extravagant wedding to socialite Naz. As Mehar navigates the lavish event, she forms a surprising bond with Sufiya, her grandmother's assistant. Meanwhile, her dislike for Naz and her daughter grows, leading Mehar to contemplate whether stopping the wedding is the right path. Join us as we delve into this unforgettable YA novel, exploring themes of love, self-discovery, and complex family relationships.

Coming July 18, 2023

I'm Not Here To Make Friends by Andrew Yang

Join Sabine Zhang and Yoona Bae on a captivating journey as they embark on the reality show of a lifetime. In a world where representation matters, Hotel California stands out with its all-Asian cast, offering a unique opportunity for Sabine and Yoona to break free from the confines of their everyday lives.

For Sabine, a Midwest high school student feeling like a side character, being chosen for the show is a dream come true. Finally, she can step into the spotlight and redefine her narrative. Meanwhile, Yoona yearns for an escape from the judgments and labels she faces daily. Accepting the invitation to Hotel California presents a chance for her to relax, forge new friendships, and perhaps even work on her tan.

However, the path to self-actualization proves to be anything but smooth. Behind the scenes, the show's producers fuel the flames of conflict, pitting Sabine and Yoona against each other for the sake of drama. As the pressure intensifies with the looming season finale, the girls must navigate the treacherous terrain of reality television while striving to maintain control over their own stories.

Coming July 18, 2023

The King is Dead by Benjamin Dean

Step into a world of intrigue and betrayal as we unravel the gripping tale of James, the shy and handsome mixed-race heir to the British throne. In this heart-pounding romantic thriller, James faces a tumultuous decision between love and duty, all while navigating a dangerous scandal fueled by a tabloid media desperate for his downfall.

As the first Black heir to the British throne, James carries the weight of history and public expectations upon his shoulders. However, with the recent passing of his father and a hidden relationship with a new boyfriend, James finds himself ill-prepared for the sudden onslaught of intense public scrutiny.

As his secrets spill across the pages of tabloids, James stands at the edge of ruin. The man he thought he loved mysteriously vanishes, leaving James shattered and vulnerable. With every intimate detail of his life exposed to the world, his sense of safety crumbles, and those he once trusted become prime suspects in his unraveling fate.

Coming July 18, 2023

The Third Daughter (Volume 1) by Adrienne Tooley

To protect Velle and reclaim the throne, Elodie must undermine her youngest sister, Brianne, known as the Third Daughter. Desperate for a solution, Elodie turns to Sabine, an apothecary who deals in potent emotions. However, a mix-up occurs, and instead of a harmless sleeping potion, Elodie receives a vial of Sabine's tears—a sadness of dangerous intensity. Brianne falls into an eternal slumber, and the fate of their family and nation hangs in the balance.

As time dwindles, Elodie and Sabine race against the clock to revive Brianne, while an irresistible attraction blossoms between them—a slow-burn LGBTQ romance that adds another layer of complexity to their intertwined destinies.

Coming July 25, 2023

Their Vicious Game by Joelle Wellington

In "Deadly Stakes," Adina Walker, a determined Black teen, is desperate to reclaim her future after a single mistake costs her Ivy League acceptance. She enters the Finish, an elite competition sponsored by the powerful Remington family, where twelve exceptional young women compete in mysterious events. However, as Adina uncovers unsettling truths about the Remingtons and her fellow competitors, she realizes that the stakes are not only high but deadly. To survive, Adina must challenge the rules and change the game itself. Get ready for a heart-pounding journey through ambition, sacrifice, and the fight against power and privilege.

Coming July 25, 2023

One of Us is Back (One of Us is Lying) by Karen M. McManus

Get ready for the highly anticipated third installment of the One of Us Is Lying series, written by the acclaimed #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen M. McManus. Brace yourself as the global phenomenon returns, taking you on an electrifying journey back to the enigmatic world of Bayview.

Nearly two years have passed since the shocking death of Simon during detention, but the aftermath continues to haunt the Bayview Four. They've endured the relentless quest to prove their innocence and outsmarted a vengeful copycat. Now, as the Bayview Crew reunites for the summer, they yearn to leave the past behind and move on with their lives.


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