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International Cat Day

Hey there, fellow cat lovers! 08 of August is International Cat Day, and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate our beloved feline friends. As a bookworm and a cat enthusiast, I have always been drawn to books that feature cats as main characters. There's something about the way cats are portrayed in literature that captures their unique personalities, quirks, and charm. From adventurous alley cats to pampered house cats, cat characters have become an integral part of many books and have left a lasting impression on readers of all ages.

In this blog post, I want to share with you some of my favorite books that feature cats as main characters and some books about our cat friends. These books are not only entertaining but also heartwarming and thought-provoking. I believe that cats make great characters in literature because they have so many different traits that writers can explore, from their independence and aloofness to their loyalty and affection. As a result, cats in books can be both relatable and intriguing, making them a joy to read about.

So, whether you're a cat lover or just someone who enjoys a good book, I invite you to join me in celebrating International Cat Day by exploring the magical world of cat literature. Let's dive into the lives of some of the most memorable cat characters and discover why they have captured our hearts and imaginations for generations. Get ready for some whisker-tickling adventures and heartwarming stories that will leave you purring with delight!

Fiction Books with Cat Characters

"She and Her Cat" examines the subtle wonder of the common day against the urban backdrop of whirring trains and personal problems. It demonstrates - with heartwarming clarity and tenderness - how even in our darkest circumstances, community and connection may bring us to a happier place. It is populated by both the friendly and the wild.

The young postman's time is running out. He was unprepared for the doctor's prognosis that he has just months to live, he is estranged from his family and only has his cat, Cabbage, for company. But before he can check anything off his bucket list, the devil appears and makes him a deal: If he can make one thing in the world vanish, he'll have one more day to live. The young postman and his pet cat are on the verge of extinction as a result of a very weird week that starts off in this way.

Rintaro Natsuki, a bookish high school student, is set to shut down the used bookstore his adored bookworm grandfather left him. Then a talking cat shows up with an odd demand. The cat begs the teen to save books with him, or should I say demands it. The cat and Rintaro must free these abandoned books from their careless owners.

One day a cat shows up in the couples' tiny kitchen. She is an exquisite being. She departs, but she returns the following day and then numerous times after that. The days are brighter and more colorful, and the cat is accompanied by new, tiny joys. The couple go for walks together, talk and share tales about the cat and its antics, and play in the surrounding Garden, and life suddenly appears to have more potential for them. But then something happens that causes everything to shift once more.

Non-Fiction Books about Cats

"The Inner Life of Cats" starts off with describing the fundamentals of a kitten's physiological and psychological development while also following the growth of the young Augusta. Along the way, McNamee investigates a Rome wild cat colony, traces the lives and adventures of Augusta, charts the development of cats, and talks with biologists, animal advocates, and behavioralists to give readers a deeper understanding of cats.

Back alleys, deserted Antarctic islands, and our beds are all ruled by house cats. They obviously control the Internet because a popular cat video can quickly receive up to 10 million views. But how did cats manage to rule the world? They don't benefit humans in any way, unlike dogs. The fact is that they are woefully ineffective rat catchers and a danger to many ecosystems. We still adore them, though.

Since thousands of years ago, cats have been a common household pet, and their numbers are only growing. There are already three cats on the earth for every dog, but cats continue to elude even their most devoted owners. While many cats have learned to coexist with people and even show compassion for us, unlike dogs, cats evolved as solitary hunters, so they may never fully "get" humans in the same way that dogs do. However, cats have complex emotional lives that we must respect and comprehend if we want them to flourish in our presence.

James Bowen had no idea how much his life would alter when he came upon an injured ginger street cat huddled up in the corridor of his shelter. James was scrounging by on the streets of London, and a pet was the last thing he needed. However, James couldn't help but offer assistance to the remarkably perceptive tom cat, whom he promptly named Bob. He carefully restored Bob to health before sending the cat on his way with the hope that he wouldn't see him again. However, Bob had other plans. Soon, the two were inseparable, and their numerous, humorous, and occasionally perilous adventures would change both of their lives and gradually heal the scars left by their respective traumatic pasts.

Kids books with Cat Characters and About Cats

When this well-known tale introduces readers to the Cat in the Hat and his mischief-making buddies, Thing 1 and Thing 2, a dull day becomes a crazy escapade. This tale, a favorite of children, parents, and teachers, encourages and enthralls beginning readers with straightforward language and simple rhyme.

Twenty-one boisterous, humorous, and talented baby frogs share their experiences in the Cat Kid Comic Club, including Naomi, Melvin, Pedro, and Poppy. Can Li'l Petey, Molly, and Flippy assist the students in using comics to express themselves? The creative baby frogs experience the blunders and advancement that come with effort and perseverance as their adventures in class and on paper come to an end with disasters and humor.

Amber spends the entire day at school and can't help but worry about her kitty, Cleo. Cleo enjoys exploring, and there are numerous ways for her to get into trouble after she learns to scale the front yard wall. One day, Cleo notices that a builder left the door to his van open, so she enters to look around. The door slams shut and the van accelerates before the curious tiny kitten has a chance to react. In the end, Cleo manages to break away, but she has no idea where she is or how to get back home. Will she ever locate Amber again?

Join the Cat in the Hat on a feline-focused adventure! In "The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library" book, the Cat takes Sally and Nick on a trip around the world to meet different wild and domestic cats. From lions in Kenya to Siamese down the block, the Cat teaches us about the common traits that all cats share, like scratchy tongues, padded paws, and sensitive whiskers, as well as unique features of different species and breeds. Discover the anatomy and behavior of well-known cats, like tigers and Persian cats, and lesser-known ones, such as caracals and Raga Muffins. This book is a must-read for any cat lover or fan of "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!" show on PBS Kids.



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